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The BEUMER Group at POWTECH: Optimally Designed

The BEUMER Group at POWTECH: Optimally Designed
25 Aug 2022  |
At POWTECH (September 27-29 in Nuremberg), the BEUMER Group will demonstrate its expertise in conveying, loading, filling, palletizing and packaging of building materials, cement and (petro)chemical products. As a system supplier for complete, high-performance packaging lines, the provider optimally designs the performance of the individual machines and components.

The BEUMER Group has now redesigned its paletpac palletizing series and the BEUMER stretch hood packaging machine. The modular design reduces the number of components, which has a decisive influence on spare parts and delivery times. The manufacturer tests the modules and assembles them individually for each customer.

The BEUMER Group’s product portfolio in conveying technology includes overland and pipe conveyors, which transport various bulk materials over long distances and often rough and impassable terrain. Routes can be adapted to the respective task and topography, thanks to the conveyors’ large inclination angles and tight curve radii.

BEUMER supplies high-performance belt bucket elevators for vertical transport to the preheater tower, for example, or for mill or silo feeding. Conveying heights of up to 200 meters are possible. Special high-performance belts and belt-friendly devices ensure a long service life and a high availability level of the bucket elevators.

The BEUMER Group offers the highly efficient BEUMER fillpac FFS form-fill-seal system for high-performance packaging lines in the chemical and petrochemical industry. This system forms up to 2,800 bags per hour from prefabricated PE-films and fills them with the customer’s product. Customers can select a suitable machine performance class from this product family to match their requirements perfectly.

Depending on the container involved, the BEUMER Group also offers various palletizing solutions, such as the BEUMER paletpac for bagged bulk material. The BEUMER paletpac has either a clamping or double-belt turning device to match product requirements. The device quickly brings the bags into the required position and keeps them dimensionally stable. The BEUMER Group has made these palletizers tough and durable, and the series has also been given a completely new modular design. Now the same or similar components and modules are installed in all systems, and – where feasible – the system provider has also implemented a design that is as identical as possible throughout the series. There are also fewer components, which reduces the number of spare parts and speeds up delivery times. The modules are individually assembled for each customer, internally tested, and assembled on the customer’s site, saving time and money.

The BEUMER Group supplies the space-saving BEUMER robotpac articulated robot to palletize products in special bags, drums, canisters, cartons, and buckets.

The unit loads are stacked precisely on pallets and can then be conveyed to the downstream packaging system, the BEUMER stretch hood. The BEUMER stretch hood covers the palletized unit load with a highly elastic film, which protects the goods during handling and external storage, and against environmental influences such as UV-radiation, dust and moisture. The stretch hood also has a modular design, so it offers the same advantages as the BEUMER paletpac.

With the support of data analytics, for example, large amounts of data can be collected on the machines and evaluated in a targeted manner, thus revealing potential for improvement. With the information gained, operations can be continuously improved. This has a positive effect on the life cycle costs.

Are you perhaps visiting Fachpack in Nuremberg at the same time? Are you interested in our high-performance packaging lines? Then you’re welcome to visit our POWTECH booth in the same exhibition center!

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