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Discovering the TMI Laboratory: Where Innovation Takes Shape

Discovering the TMI Laboratory: Where Innovation Takes Shape
2 Feb 2024  |
Within the TMI facilities, you will find our laboratory—a dynamic and crucial space that plays a fundamental role in our mission to provide cutting-edge bagging and palletizing solutions. Here, we explore how this specialized resource not only enhances our capabilities but also elevates the experience for our customers.


Product diversity, approach diversity

The TMI laboratory emerges as a stage where each product undergoes rigorous testing. The reason? Each product has its own peculiarities and behaviors during bagging. The versatility of our laboratory allows us to adapt to these variables, finding optimal and personalized solutions.

The testing ground for innovation

We don’t always resort to the laboratory, but its significance becomes apparent when we face the complexity of products not fully explored. Here, we tackle the key question: How can we ensure that a machine designed for one set of products operates efficiently with others? The answer: our testing ground.


In the bidding phase: designing success from the start

The laboratory plays a crucial role in ensuring the best option during the initial phases. Here, we evaluate if a product has more than one viable solution and determine the best solution for the customer, adding a commercial value component even before signing the contract.

In post-sales inquiries: maintaining continuous excellence

Even after a customer has acquired a machine, the laboratory remains essential. When the question arises of whether a new product can be processed with the existing machine, the laboratory helps provide detailed reports to expand our product know-how and, above all, to add value to our customers.


Adding value to the customer by aligning their expectations with the most suitable technical solution

Minimizing errors, maximizing efficiency

The laboratory becomes the first line of defense against costly errors. With quick and precise adjustments, we ensure that our machines fit perfectly with each product.

Building trust and ensuring long-term success

Beyond operational efficiency, the laboratory reinforces customer confidence. When everything runs smoothly, customer satisfaction rises, ensuring strong and lasting relationships.

A differential factor in the industry

It is not common to find specialized laboratories in companies in the industrial bagging sector. This differential factor highlights TMI’s commitment to excellence and innovation, setting the standard in the industry.

In conclusion, our laboratory is not just a testing space; it is the epicenter where innovation, precision, and excellence converge to ensure the continuous success of each project and meet the expectations of our customers. At TMI, we don’t just manufacture machinery; we create solutions tailored to each challenge, thus raising the standard of the industrial bagging industry.

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