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Future-proofing the world of dry bulk handling

70 years ago, we made a choice at DMN-WESTINGHOUSE that has defined our future. As an independent company, we made it our mission to provide the world of dry bulk solids handling with high-end quality that would prove its value for year after year.

Rotary valves and diverter valves

Today, we’re one of the world’s leading suppliers of rotary valves and diverter valves for a vast range of dry bulk solids handling applications. We serve our customers with a worldwide network of dedicated distribution partners and our own offices.

Worldwide network

In our production facilities in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA, we manufacture high-end quality rotary valves and diverter valves, configured to meet any requirement, demand or application in a wide range of industries. As increasingly stricter regulations, demands and standards continue to challenge the dry bulk industry, we are uniquely positioned to meet these new standards regarding safety, hygiene and cleanability.

Certified products

Being a manufacturer of high-end rotary valves and diverters valves. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has the knowledge,
skills and experience to provide the configured solutions our customers need to carry them towards the future. We
will therefore continue to ensure our products are qualified, verified and certified to the highest standards.

Future-proof value

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is a choice for the long term, not just a quick win. We deliver future-proof value to our customers:
that’s what motivates us all to go the extra mile today, tomorrow and every single day in the future.

Our rotary valves and diverter valves are suitable for a broad range of industries, for example:
⊲ Animal feed ⊲ Plastics ⊲ Dairy ⊲ Pharmaceutical ⊲ Pet food ⊲ Paint ⊲ Infant formula ⊲ Biomass ⊲ Tyres ⊲ Aquaculture ⊲ Minerals ⊲ Food (coffee, cereals, sugar, etc.) ⊲ Cosmetics ⊲ Recycling ⊲ Chemicals ⊲ Batteries

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