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Who We Are:

Boss Products was founded in 2012 with a singular vision to provide a complete product offering of integrated, energy-saving fire and explosion protection components for the industrial filtration and process industries. From the very beginning, we have stayed firm in our commitment to support select distribution and OEM manufacturers with experienced technical support. We proudly offer the largest grouping of NFPA compliant, FM & UL approved systems, along with explosion tested components having the latest certifications. Boss Products started with the simple goal to deliver quality, competitively priced products.

Experience Matters:

Boss Products was founded in 2012 with collective 50+ years of hands-on experience. We have the technical expertise gained by implementing thousands of industrial dust, mist, and fume collecting applications. We are uniquely qualified to advise distributors and end-users in proper duct design and equipment selection to ensure safe and energy-efficient industrial filtration solutions.

Boss Products, LLC
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