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Handling and processing powders and bulk solids is an important element of many manufacturing processes. This guide helps you find dry material handling equipment, specifically used for processing and measuring bulk solids. Browse our equipment guide categories to find and contact your manufacturer.


Dust Collection & APC

In industrial processing, the question of which dust collection and air pollution control system to employ stands as a paramount concern. Choosing the right system isn’t just a matter of convenience; it is key to ensuring a safe, pristine, and efficient working environment. Overlooking this critical aspect can significantly impede productivity, especially when your workforce faces prolonged exposure to airborne contaminants.


Industrial vacuum cleaners
Baghouse dust collectors
Cartridge dust collectors
Cyclonic dust collectors
Dust suppression systems

Explosion Protection Solutions

Unlock the potential for safer powder and bulk solids handling through cutting-edge explosion protection and process safety solutions. Managing and processing dry bulk materials brings distinctive challenges involving fire, explosion, and toxicity risks. Even seemingly inert substances in solid form can take on unexpected hazards when transformed into powders and granules. Discover the industry’s leading manufacturers of explosion protection and process safety systems in our Equipment Guide, ensuring your operations’ utmost safety and efficiency.


Fire Detection Equipment
Fire Protection Equipment
Pressure Relief Systems
Spark Detection Systems
Spark Extinguishing Systems
Static Grounding Systems


What type of feeder is needed? There are two basic types of feeders: volumetric feeders and gravimetric feeders. Volumetric feeders modulate and control the rate of discharge, gravimetric feeders modulate the mass flow rate. Failure to install the right equipment can lead to problems concerning the speed of operations. Find bulk feeder manufacturers in our Equipment Guide.


Explosion-Proof feeders
Belt feeders
Gravimetric feeders
Mass flow feeders
Micro dosing feeders
Rotary feeders

Instrumentation & Control

Manufacturers of instrumentation and process control systems

Process control includes the automated control of continuous or batch processes with computers. The hardware components of the process control systems, such as measurement and control components, are called instrumentation. There is a broad range of measurement and control devices needed for any dry material handling process. Process instruments measure, analyze, regulate and control industrial processes and therefore contribute to increasing the efficiency of process plants and improving the product quality. High-quality processes are essential in the process industry. Only then you accomplish the required results. Instruments and control systems include: (Solids) flow, level, moisture, detectors, samplers, analyzers, dust monitors, process recorders and process controls. Find manufacturers of instrumentation and process control systems in our Equipment Guide.


Moisture Measurement and Control
Particle Characterization
Flow Measurement and Control

Mechanical Conveying

Manufacturers of mechanical handling equipment for efficient and effective bulk material movement

Mechanical conveying systems transport large amounts of product horizontally, vertically or at an incline through a dry material processing system. Many kinds of mechanical conveying systems are available and are used according to the various needs in dry material processing operations. Selecting the best mechanical conveyor for an application is essential to processing success and for business profits. The most common types of mechanical conveying systems are (flexible) screw conveyors, vibratory conveyors, belt conveyors, (drag and tubular) chain conveyors and (bucket) elevators. Find manufacturers of mechanical conveying solutions for dry material processing industries.


Bucket elevators
Flexible screw conveyors
Screw conveyors
Spiral conveyors
Vibratory conveyors
Aeromechanical conveyors

Mixers & Blenders

The demand for efficient mixing solutions tailored to dry bulk material processing operations has never been more pressing in industrial manufacturing. These operations necessitate mixing processes of unparalleled resilience, featuring swift blend times, seamless equipment cleaning capabilities to reduce downtime during grade transitions, recipe adaptability, and, most critically, the assurance that undesirable effects like de-mixing or segregation are kept at bay. While a multitude of blending equipment options exist, the task of pinpointing the ideal mixer or blender for a specific industrial process remains a formidable challenge due to the myriad factors at play.



Packaging & Bagging

Selecting the Right Packaging and Bagging Equipment for Your Bulk Materials

These manufacturers provide flexible packaging equipment, systems and services for the dry powders / bulk solids industries including chemicals, construction materials, food, landscaping materials, and mineral / rock products. When a plant manager is challenged with selecting suitable equipment to handle the packaging process there are three main areas to take into consideration. First, what style of package is right for the product? Second, what characteristics does the product have? Finally, what performance criteria is required of this particular process? Whether flake, granule, or chunk, fibrous, fine powder, freely flowing or not at all, there is always an industrial packaging solution to meet the needs. Find global manufacturers of industrial packaging solutions and components in our Equipment Guide.


Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Bag Discharge & Filling Stations
Shrink Wrap Equipment
Stretch Wrap Equipment
Big Bag Discharge & Filling Stations

Pneumatic Conveying

Manufacturers of pneumatic conveying systems used to transfer bulk solid, dry and powder materials

Knowing how a material behaves during pneumatic conveying allows for accurate specification of conveying mode (dilute or dense phase), gas flow and solids loading, and type of gas mover (for example blower, fan or compressor). Pneumatic conveyors give numerous industries the ability to transport materials without the risk of the products being contaminated or lost. They are used as a replacement for mechanical conveyors, which do not move small objects nearly as well or as safely as pneumatic conveyors. A wide variety of industries use pneumatic conveying systems for processes such as bulk bag unloading, railcar unloading, and food handling. Some of these industries include: food processing, pharmaceutical processing, plastic processing and chemical processing. There are many benefits to pneumatic conveyors that make them an excellent choice for transporting materials quickly from one place to another. Find pneumatic conveying system manufacturers in our Equipment Guide.


Venturi Transport Systems
Flexible Connections

Screening & Separation

Screening and separation equipment and systems

Screening separates a flow of material into multiple grades by particle size, these grades are then either further processed to an intermediary product or a finished product. Screening is an integral part of many dry material handling processes. In the context of screening or sieving equipment selection, the machines are evaluated on their ability to optimize product quality and screening efficiency. A sieve is used to process individual batches of a product, and a screen is used on a continuous flow of a product. There are many factors that are affecting the effectiveness of screens and sieves, for instance moisture, blinding, mesh size and wire diameter, capacity, cohesion, adhesion and the direction of approach of particles to the screen surface. Magnetic separation systems are designed to remove metal contaminants from from bulk streams. Magnetic separators result in practically no product loss and are suitable for removal of regularly occurring and larger quantities of metal contamination in processing operations. Find manufacturers of screening and separation systems in our Equipment Guide.


Metal Detectors
Air Classifiers
Ultrasonic Separators
Centrifugal Separators
Gyratory Screens
Gravity Separators



Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)
Consultants/Consulting Services
Engineering Services

Size & Volume Reduction

Manufacturers of size reduction equipment for dry material handling operations

There are many types of size-reduction equipment, which are often developed empirically to handle specific bulk materials and then are applied in other settings. Knowing the properties of the material to be processed is crucial. Despite the availability of other particle production processes, size reduction remains today one of the workhorses for production of bulk solids with tailored particle properties.

Manufacturers of particle forming / size enlargement equipment for dry material handling operations

Agglomeration or size enlargement processes transform small bulk solids or past materials to materials of larger sizes, with either random or controlled shapes – granules, briquettes, tablets, pellets, bricks, extrudates or compacts. Size enlargement is a process that has been used for centuries and in several ways, it still remains an art rather than an exact science. Perhaps this is due to the unpredictable behavior of bulk solids. Also in this process, determination of the required product properties is of highest importance. Find manufacturers of size reduction and size enlargement equipment to assist you when handling dry bulk materials in our Equipment Guide.


Lump Breakers

Storage & Transportation

Selecting suitable equipment for reliable bulk solids storage, handling and transportation. Problems with the storage of bulk solids in bins and silos can be avoided if they are designed with respect to the flow properties of the bulk material which has to be stored. The loading and unloading method used depends on both the bulk cargo and the equipment available on the ship and on the dock. Find and select manufacturers of dry bulk material storage systems, and dry bulk loading and unloading systems in this equipment guide.


Discharge Aids
Cleaning Equipment
Ship Loading/Unloading
Truck Loading/Unloading

Thermal Solids Processing

Find manufacturers of thermal solids processing technology.


Heat Exchangers

Valves, Gates & Airlocks

Find Manufacturers of valves

Many think selecting a valve for handling dry material is a relatively simple. But in reality, valve manufacturers need more information to select the right valve for the application accurately. The vast range of valve types available reflects the challenges of controlling and directing the flow of dry bulk solids. Installation criteria determine which valve line is appropriate. The most critical question is “What is the valve intended to do?”


Inflatable Valves
Iris Valves
Knifegate Valves
Pinch Valves
Rotary Airlocks
Ball Valves

Weighing Systems & Scales

Weighing systems for static and dynamic weighing of dry materials With static weighing the goods or products are stationary when they are being weighed on these scales and usually there is sufficient time for the measurement process to stabilize before readings are taken. Dynamic weighing covers a wide range of applications where the bulk product is weighed while moving. Find static and dynamic weighing system manufacturers in our Equipment Guide.


Static Weighing Equipment
Dynamic Weighing Equipment
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