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How Reliable Is Your Traceability And Fragment Control For Your Ingredients?

10 Mar 2022  |
Contamination in one ingredient can compromise the finished product including all ingredients. This can be costly to rectify and lead to loss of productivity and wasted product. Effective traceability and control over all ingredients will reduce the consequences downstream.

Many bakery ingredients are transferred via pneumatic conveying lines. Poorly designed magnets in this application can be a huge challenge due to speed / velocity, restriction to product flow, pressure loss and bulk density breakdown.

These issues will result in magnetic contamination escaping the magnet or re-entering the product stream and being transferred downstream! 

Magnattack® Global has solved a number of these issues using a large aerodynamic-shaped magnet element to provide a stable flow path whilst achieving the necessary coverage required for paramagnetic contamination. These magnets are available in up to 14,000 gauss strength for high intensity retention of weakly magnetic fragments. The bulk of the magnet provides a large retention area behind the magnet out of the direct impact of the product stream for safe retention of magnetics. Weakly magnetics will usually safely migrate to this area.

The configuration of the magnet in the product flow area is critical to ensure that there is optimum product contact without the risk of restriction or pressure drop.

The video outlines the magnets best suited to various wet and dry bakery ingredients processing applications and which of the above listed problems they are effective in overcoming.

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