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Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory
4 Jun 2021  |
Since 1990 MIX s.r.l. has been projecting and manufacturing mixing systems and industrial components for bulk solids handling. During these years MIX had the opportunity to come in touch with many different products, learning that each process is unique and deserves a custom-manufactured mixer to fulfill its purpose.

Thanks to this continuously growing experience, MIX is able to project and manufacture Batch and Continuous Mixers, Dryers, Reactors, Granulators, Sterilizers, Heaters, Coolers, and Blenders suitable for the most complicated industrial processes. MIX firmly believes in the importance of research, development, and innovation. 

Recently MIX enhanced its internal Testing Facility with brand new machinery and is now able to execute trials with harder parameters as Temperature up to +200°C and Pressure up to +5bar or Vacuum. Powders, Granules, Fibers, Pastes can be tested in the new laboratory, even in the classified hazardous atmosphere (ATEX). 

The handling of chemical reactions, the measurement of moisture content of the products, and the increase or decrease of pressure and temperature in the mixer are now fully automated. MIX Laboratory allows the control of all parameters, during every step of the process. 

Testing Laboratory

As usual, MIX guarantees the confidentiality of the processed information and that the results obtained during trials in the testing facility are scalable and repeatable with industrial mixers; Thanks to the new laboratory it’s now much easier to determine the characteristics of each raw material and, therefore, identify the most suitable mixing techniques for obtaining the desired final result.

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MIX SRL is an Italian company that since 1990 has been manufacturing Mixing Systems and Components for Bulk Solids Handlig suitable for many dirrerent fields of application. MIX SRL product range: Single shaft horizontal mixers,...

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