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Simplified Feeding Process Integration with Preconfigured Controllers

Simplified Feeding Process Integration with Preconfigured Controllers
26 Sep 2023  |
The Gericke Group, a leading international provider of powder processing solutions, is pleased to introduce its latest advancements in feeding and dosing technology integration, the updated GUC Gericke Universal Controller. With a rich history of over a century in engineering and bulk handling expertise, Gericke offers practical and reliable solutions that streamline complex feeding and dosing processes for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Feeding processes can often present challenges, and Gericke is dedicated to addressing these complexities head-on. Leveraging their deep understanding of integrating feeding, dosing, and weighing technology, Gericke ensures that processes not only meet accuracy requirements but also seamlessly integrate into existing systems. “At Gericke, we recognize that precise feeding and dosing is essential for successful bulk handling. Our technology provides dependable solutions that simplify operations,” noted Robin Maag, Product Manager Feeding at Gericke.

The GUC (Gericke Universal Controller) embodies Gericke’s commitment to practical excellence. Equipped with sophisticated algorithms that filter out environmental effects, the GUC ensures accuracy even under challenging conditions. Supporting both analog and digital weighing cells, the GUC allows users to choose weighing technologies tailored to their application and accuracy preferences. It is also capable to control multiple feeders with one electronic.

An important element of Gericke’s approach is the user-friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) featuring a modern and intuitive design. This design promotes efficient operations by enhancing the overall user experience. Gericke’s technology arrives preconfigured and tested alongside the loss-in-weight feeder, offering a comprehensive and ready-to-deploy package.

Furthermore, Gericke simplifies integration through pre-configured fieldbus communication to frequency inverters, saving time and eliminating the need for additional programming. The GUC empowers users with full local control over essential devices and options, including refilling with volumetric feeding mode, intromitters, agitators, and closing devices for feeding tubes.

“Our aim with the GUC is to simplify complex processes, minimize programming tasks, and reduce complexity on PLCs,” explained Robin Maag. “Gericke is committed to providing holistic solutions that address various challenges in bulk handling applications.”

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