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4B launches RG Series Rotary Paddle Level Indicators

4B launches RG Series Rotary Paddle Level Indicators
27 Sep 2022  |
The RG Series Level Sensors have been designed to indicate the presence or absence of bulk materials such as grains, pellets, chemicals, wood chips and other powders.

The detection of material is achieved by a rotating paddle. If material impedes the rotation of the paddle, the motor topples of its axis and triggers an alarm.

The RG Series has a variety of compatible paddles which offer the ability to detect a wide range of products. The paddles are interchangeable, making the RG Sensors ADAPTABLE to different densities of measured materials.

The sensors are CUSTOMIZABLE, not only with paddles, but also with extensions and voltages.

An EASY TO INSTALL instrument, the RG Series sensors do not require any calibration, maintenance or specific tool for their installation.

The sensors are extremely VERSATILE, and can be installed on tanks, hoppers, on walls or roofs of silos, in a vertical, horizontal or oblique position.

DURABLE and RELIABLE, the RG Series Sensors are built with aluminium casing, stainless steel shaft on ball bearings and electrical connection with tension clamp or screw terminals. They work with ambient temperatures from -20° to +70°C.

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