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Can Poor Quality Flexible Connector Systems Really Affect Your Productivity?

3 Oct 2023  |
The simple answer is a resounding yes! In today's fiercely competitive manufacturing industries, efficiency and productivity are the linchpins of success. Challenges such as product leakage, unplanned downtime, and contamination can significantly impact a company's bottom line.

One critical factor that often goes unnoticed in this equation is the choice of flexible connectors used in production processes.

The Pitfalls of Old-style Clamped Flexible Connectors

When traditional flexible connectors tear or leak constantly, the efficiency of your production line takes a nosedive. There’s the inevitable downtime required to replace the connector, and the labour costs associated with cleaning up product spillage.

Furthermore, there’s the substantial cost of the wasted product itself. These inefficiencies can accumulate over time, eroding profitability and undermining your competitiveness.

Maximizing Production Uptime: A Critical Imperative

In a bulk processing plant, maximizing production uptime is key to success. Any unexpected stops in production due to equipment failure – or ‘unplanned downtime’ – can create massive backlogs in your processing line and ultimately have a disastrous effect on your overall production efficiency.

Regular maintenance is undoubtedly essential to prevent unplanned downtime, but the choice of process line components also plays a pivotal role. Flexible connectors, often considered a ‘disposable commodity,’ can have a more significant impact on production uptime than one might initially think.

How Low-Quality, Clamped Connectors Cause Production Inefficiency

It’s vital to understand the true effect that low-quality flexible connectors systems on your process line’s productivity. Cheap, clamped connectors can lead to multiple operational issues, including:

  • Product leaking through crevices, causing dust in the factory environment, especially when using pneumatic transport. This is a major health and safety issue.
  • Product buildup between the connector and the outside of the pipe, creating a hygiene risk and requiring regular cleaning.
  • Tearing of the connector material itself causing failure and requiring frequent replacement, particularly on moving equipment like sisters.
  • Inconsistent installation variations due to the ability to cut some clamped connectors to length, leading to challenges in ensuring correct length, positioning, and tightening during change-outs.

All these examples result in production downtime for cleaning and replacing or repositioning the flexible connector.

What Are the Most Efficient Flexible Connectors?

Manufacturers in food, chemical, pharma and mineral processing industries have all gained remarkable production efficiency by adopting BFM® fittings over other types of flexible connectors.

The BFM® fitting’s blue-band connector system has introduced a revolutionary approach to flexible connectors, with unique patented features that have made it a game-changer in the manufacturing world. Here are the key advantages that set the BFM® fittings apart:

  1. Zero Leakage:
    BFM® fittings virtually eliminate product loss during production processes because of their patented snap-in, 100% sealed fit. Their seamless, internally fitted connections and smooth interior surfaces prevent material build-up, ensuring consistent product flow and minimizing the risk of contamination. This translates into substantial savings by preserving valuable products that would otherwise be wasted.
  2. Hygienic Design:
    Industries with stringent hygiene and safety standards, such as pharmaceuticals and food processing, benefit greatly from BFM® fittings’ hygienic design. The crevice-free construction prevents product residue accumulation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring product integrity. As a result, companies can maintain high product quality and compliance with industry regulations.
  3. Longer Lasting:
    The precision design and construction of BFM® fitting blue-band connector and spigot systems mean they last considerably longer than other flexible connector products on the market. The most popular connector, Seeflex 040E, is a transparent ether-based urethane that doesn’t tear like most other materials. More durable BFM® fitting connectors mean fewer replacements are required, increasing production uptime, and reducing inventory costs.
  4. Faster Fitting:
    BFM® fittings’ quick snap-in, snap-out installation significantly reduces downtime during cleaning, maintenance, and changeovers. They are always the same length and positioned correctly for optimum performance, every time. Traditional systems often require time-consuming disassembly and reassembly, leading to prolonged downtime and reduced productivity. In contrast, in most positions, BFM® fittings can be swiftly changed out in less than 30 seconds, streamlining production processes and maximizing operational efficiency.

BFM® fitting is Transforming Powder Processing Globally

Can Poor Quality Flexible Connector Systems Really Affect Your Productivity?

Since its introduction, the BFM® fitting system has transformed plant environments and improved the efficiency of thousands of factories worldwide. It’s now the preferred connector option for many of the world’s leading manufacturers who recognize the long-term productivity benefits it offers.

When it comes to eliminating product loss and boosting manufacturing efficiency, BFM® fittings stand head and shoulders above old-style flexible connectors, making them the optimal choice for forward-thinking manufacturers.

Don’t compromise on your production efficiency and find out how BFM® fittings are improving factory efficiency all over the world.

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