Rotasafe – RotaVal’s Foreign Body Detection System

Rotasafe – RotaVal’s Foreign Body Detection System
The Rotasafe Protection System is designed to instantly detect any contact between the rotor and valve housing and at the same time, sends a signal to the panel to isolate power to the drive motor.

If contamination due to metal contact is a significant issue, it would be highly recommended to have a Rotasafe unit alongside your new valve or retrofitted to the valve you are already using.

Rotor and housing contact can happen in many difference circumstances. Excessive rotor load, product build up, excessive temperature or even lack of maintenance. If the rotor and the housing make contact, metal fragments could be contaminating the product. In certain industries, this could be disastrous for not only the consumer, but the brand as well.

The Rotasafe unit also prevents the components from serious damage. If something is accidentally dropped into the valve and continues to rotate, there could be a large amount of damage to the rotor, the blades or the housing. This could put the entire valve out of use until spares or a replacement is obtained!

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