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New Multichannel Feeding and Dosing Controller from GERICKE

New Multichannel Feeding and Dosing Controller from GERICKE
14 Jan 2022  |
Accurate feeding and dosing are fundamental in the production of high-quality products in many industries. The new GERICKE GUC-F Controller is a control solution for all feeding and weighing applications in powder handling applications meeting the most demanding process requirements. Using a flexible and modular design concept it can be integrated into any automation environment.

The new GERICKE GUC-F Controller can be used for dosing, feeding and weighing in all types of gravimetric and volumetric feeding applications in continuous or batch production modes. A single unit can control up to four feeders making the installation very cost efficient.

With the support of analog and digital load cells and the integrated control of refilling and other automation tasks the GUC-F Controller is capable to manage any combination of feeding and dosing equipment, and even control feeding processes as a stand-alone unit.

With ultrafast processing and transmission of signals the GUC-F closely follows the process and with its self-optimizing control algorithm (TrendTec) achieves maximum accuracy even under demanding process conditions or during refill.

Ready for tomorrow’s automation tasks

Preconfigured for different feeders, modes and frequency inverters the GUC-F is very easy to use. Access is possible via optional local touch displays, a superior control system or via a web browser. Updates are possible “over the air” (OTA), making it a future-proof investment.

With advanced diagnostics and remote access Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations, predictive maintenance and Internet of Things capabilities are state of the art.

With the multilanguage HMI based on browser technology it is intuitive to use supporting different interface modes for standard and expert users.

Data and process safety

Based on industrial Ethernet protocols the GUC integrates easily with all state-of-the-art automation networks. The local configurations can be stored and easily duplicated or restored keeping downtime to a minimum.

A configurable user access system with individual access rights ensures process safety and a log system records all manipulations and data entries.

Direct A/D conversion of the weight signal at the feeder increases signal quality and together with advanced filter technologies eliminates random signals and environmental disturbances.

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