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BinMaster Introduces New Mercury-Free Tilt Switch

The shaft of the tilt switch is custom-made in lengths from one foot up to eight feet in length, dependent upon the distance from the top of the bin an alert should be activated. The BM-TSM is available with either a paddle or sphere mounted at the … Read more

Abrasive and Fragile Materials Handling

Abrasive and Fragile Materials Handling

Moreover abrasive materials can cause excessive pipe wear, which is costly in terms of maintenance, replacement parts and production delays due to downtime, wear being proportional to the third power, or greater, of the moving velocity. Fragile … Read more

Screw Conveyors for bulk powder transport

Screw Conveyors

Screw size and length are selected according to the type of material to be conveyed and standard lengths range from 1-60 ft. The screw conveyor can be installed at most inclinations and can easily be bent through flexible pipes to access … Read more

NEW rotary magnet for food and dairy

New Rotary Magnet from GEA

"Having such a close cooperation from one of our customers has enabled us to deliver the right level of features at an attractive price" said Shay Xie - Product Manager for GEA Nu-Con. "We recognised

New dairy powder plant for DGC in New Zealand

New dairy powder plant for DGC in New Zealand

GEA has been a long-term partner with the Dairy Goat Co-operative since 2003 when it built the company’s original infant formula drying plant in Hamilton.  The fundamental understanding of the company

Big Bag Filler

GEA Big Bag Filler Range Launched

The smaller filler - BF-300 has been designed for manual operation where production rates are low and where flexibility in application are a key requirement. Such applications might include the

HAVER SC 500 Pelletizing Disc

HAVER SC 500 Pelletizing Disc

With a diameter of 500 mm small-scale studies and trials on agglomeration in continuous operation without the need for large material quantities are possible for the first time. As a result

Air emissions treatment system

Air emissions treatment system

The turnkey storage, discharge and feed systems feature a mechanical unloader designed to feed a wide variety of chemicals while avoiding recurrent problems associated with bulk handling, such as

Aerodyne announces new dust testing options

Aerodyne announces new dust testing options

Aerodyne now offers factory dust testing for customers to utilize. This new service offers a few different testing options for customers in order to better determine the best type of equipment


PROFINET IO mandatory Certification

Tests, which led to PROFINET certification, were carried out at the PROFI Interface Center Johnson City (USA), accredited laboratory recognized by PROFIBUS International. Please note that the


Safety solutions for conveyor applications

Picture: The Return Roller Basket was developed to prevent a return roller from falling in the event of a mechanical failure. The components and training from Martin Engineering can be used alone


Ceremony for Bulk Solids Innovation Center

The center is the project of Kansas State University with partners the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, Salina Economic Development Corporation, U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development