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Big Bag Filler

GEA Big Bag Filler Range Launched

The smaller filler - BF-300 has been designed for manual operation where production rates are low and where flexibility in application are a key requirement. Such applications might include the bagging of off-spec products or environments that do not … Read more

MP Series Radar Ideal for Dusty Environments

MP Series Radar Ideal for Dusty Environments

It is able to ignore loose particles in the air and focus on actual material levels. The MP Series Radar is a non-contact device that uses ‘time of flight’ to determine level in a vessel. The time it takes for an emitted microwave pulse to travel … Read more

Unloading Bulk Bags with No Fugitive Dust

Unloading bulk bags with no fugitive dust

Solution: Fox Venturi Eductors Retrofit with Fox venturi eductor as shown below, using air at 5-8 psig, eliminated blowback and fugitive dust. Now that material is being conveyed with no moving parts. This unloading system requires no … Read more

Innovation Award for fillpac bagging system

Innovation Award for fillpac bagging system

The award was presented at the special Pack Innovation show on November 17. The bagging machine is notable in particular for its electronic weighing system, which ensures that it always achieves


A new guide to powder behaviour

Written in a straightforward, easy to understand style, the new booklet explains how and why powders behave the way they do, and how this impacts powder processing and characterisation. It provides a


New Flexicon Singapore office

"Flexicon bulk handling equipment has been purchased throughout Southeast Asia since 1975, with exponential growth over the last several years," explains Gill, adding, "We have committed to


Poultry Litter: Application Story

Most poultry are grown on dirt, specialty raised or concrete floors and use some type of bedding material.  Poultry houses average 20,000 birds, producing poultry litter in excess of 40,000 pounds per


Ceremony for Bulk Solids Innovation Center

The center is the project of Kansas State University with partners the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce, Salina Economic Development Corporation, U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development