Instrumentation & Control

Instrumentation and process control for powder and bulk solids handling operations

All powder and bulk solids processing and handling equipment or systems require some degree of monitoring and control. The more complex an industrial process becomes, the more critical it becomes that it is correctly controlled and monitored, and this is where instrumentation and control systems are crucial.

Silo contents measurement is a crucial area. Because the bulk density of silo contents may vary, level indication and level detection instrumentation are vital to prevent overfilling. In other industrial processes, controls need to react to explosions, system blockages, sifter screen breakages, metal detectors, over-heated mills, etc. and take the appropriate action to prevent system damage or compromise product quality.

Latest process Instrumentation innovations

Granulated Sugar Level Measurement

The Pfeifer & Langen Group is one of the largest sugar producers in Germany. In addition to several sugar plants, this long-established company also has plant…

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Experts for Instrumentation & Control

Gerard van Schoten (Hethon) Gerard van Schoten worked under many different titles before reaching his current title of managing director, as well as providing technical advice. He is responsible for sales and technical support around the world. He has been working at HETHON ... Ask a question
Süleyman Salihler (Polimak) Süleyman is General Manager of Polimak with more than 20 years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of bulk solids handling systems. He leads the organization to provide problem-free solutions from single equipment ... Ask a question
Maximilian Hofmann (ENVEA Process GmbH) Maximilian Hofmann born in Germany, is Area Sales Manager of the ENVEA Group since 2019. After completing a dual study in economics with practical experience, learning about industrial engineering was the next big goal. Starting in Sales & ... Ask a question
Brad Vos (Spec Engineering) Brad Vos is the Director of Automation at SPEC Engineering, a process engineering company located in Plainfield, Illinois. Brad has over 10 years of experience in plant process design, mechanical design, electrical design, and automation. Working ... Ask a question
Neal Cass (Hydronix Ltd) After gaining his degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton in England, Neal spent 10 years developing and commissioning control systems for a major international food process system manufacturer. In 2007 he started ... Ask a question
Adrian Fordham (MoistTech Corp.) Adrian is currently the President of MoistTech Corp and has been with MoistTech Corp. since 2010 starting as the Sales Manager. Bringing to the company many years of experience and expertise in multiple industrial moisture applications, Mr. ... Ask a question
Todd D. Messmer (Schenck Process Group) Todd Messmer is the Product Manager for the Schenck Process Weighing and Feeding Product Line in North America. He has 21 years of Applications Engineering experience customizing and designing Screw Feeders, Weighbelts, Vibratory Feeders, Flow ... Ask a question
James Seagraves (Eastern Instruments) James is an veteran of solids flow measuring process design with over 27 years of experience under his belt. He is a recognized expert in flow-metering and feeding applications in a wide variety of sectors across a multitude of industries, ... Ask a question
Nathan Grube (BinMaster Level Controls) Nathan Grube is Regional Vice President of Sales for BinMaster covering the central United States including a ten-state area stretching from North Dakota to Texas. He joined BinMaster in 2001, already equipped with five years of experience in ... Ask a question

Silica Sand Moisture Control

In the mineral industry, moisture measurement is very important during mineral processing from mining to the end product. With the help of industry partners and…

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