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Explosion-Proof Vacuum for 3D Printing

Explosion-Proof Vacuum for 3D Printing
The Health & safety Offer of a Midwest University approached Controlled Air Design about providing a solution for cleanup of 10 to 12 gallons per day of explosive titanium dust from 3-D printing operations at the university.

Water can actually act as an accelerant on burning titanium. Water and molten titanium can cause a violent explosion. The vacuum also needed to have an immersion bath filled with special neutralizing oil to quench titanium dust sparks. Per NFPA 484 the vacuum needed to be Group E Certified.

The Solution


We recommended our ECOBULL PLUS Z22 industrial vacuum, the most powerful in its category with a motor on the top, fitted with a SIEMENS 4 kW ATEX Z22 certified side channel turbine (Made in Germany), ideal for working continuously without the need for maintenance. The filter chamber contains a large surface (24,000 cm2) anti-static polyester filter, certified as Class M (1-micron filtration efficiency), ideal for working with even the finest dust. The unit can be fitted with a class H14 absolute filter on demand. A large 65 or 100 stainless steel detachable container on wheels allows the operator to collect and empty the vacuumed material easily. An automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system can also be installed on demand. and portable, allowing workers to use it on scaffolding and lifts. We also proposed that the machines be connected directly to the hose port on the handheld sanders they were using so that complete source capture could be achieved. Source capture keeps harmful dust and fumes away from the operator’s breathing zone. 

The vacuum had been in use for about 6 weeks when the plant manager reported that the ECOBULL PLUS Z22 (65L)H improved efficiency and returned clean breathable air back into the workspace.

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