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Many think selecting a valve for handling dry material is a relatively simple. But in reality, valve manufacturers need more information to select the right valve for the application accurately. The vast range of valve types available reflects the challenges of controlling and directing the flow of dry bulk solids. Installation criteria determine which valve line is appropriate. The most critical question is “What is the valve intended to do?”


Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Cone Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Disc Valves
Diverter Valves
Dome Valves
Double Dump Valves
Flap Gate Valves
Inflatable Valves
Iris Valves
Knifegate Valves
Pinch Valves
Rotary Airlocks

Recommended manufacturers

Coperion & Coperion K-Tron

Coperion & Coperion K-Tron
Coperion and Coperion K-Tron are system and equipment suppliers, including extruders, feeders, pneumatic conveying and components, who understand the importance of process efficiency. We design, develop, manufacture and maintain systems, machines and components for the plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & pet food, mineral and nonwoven industries.


DMN-WESTINGHOUSE logo - BulkTech - BulkInside
DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been designing and manufacturing rotary valves, diverter valves and other related components for the bulk solids handling industry for many years. As an independent company with no involvement in system design, our sole activity is the development, manufacture and sale of these components. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers tailor-made solutions to the global food, dairy, plastics, (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, power and biomass industries.


Gericke is a fourth-generation, family-owned company offering a complete range of process equipment and expert engineering services for the automated handling of dry, bulk materials. Gericke custom-designs, manufactures, installs and services pneumatic conveying systems, sifters, lump breakers, feeders, mixers, rotary valves, bag handling stations and more.

Lorenz Conveying Products Corp.

Lorenz Conveying Products Corp. - BulkInside
For 40+ years, Lorenz Conveying Products has been North America's leading single source manufacturer of Couplings, Elbows, Fittings, Diverter Valves, Slide Gates, Iris Valves and Cyclones for pneumatic conveying, vacuum and bulk handling systems. Servicing Food, Petfood, Chemical, Grain Milling, Minerals and Plastics & Packaging. We are the Conveying Products People!


MIX SRL logo BulkInside
Since 1990 MIX has been projecting and manufacturing in Cavezzo mixing systems and industrial components for bulk solids handling. In its mission, MIX operates not merely as a supplier, but as a reliable partner being able to develop new solutions and increase the efficiency of the production processes. Certification Systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.


Polimak is specialized in bulk solid handling, conveying, storage, feeding, dosing, discharging, filling, dust collection systems, and components. Providing solutions from a single equipment to complete turnkey systems, our strength is coming from custom design and production capabilities for each individual application. Food, cement, iron, chemicals, plastics are some of the industries we serve.

Progressive Products, Inc

Progressive Products, Inc
Progressive Products, Inc. optimizes pneumatic conveying systems by reducing waste and cost, minimizing downtime, and improving productivity with high-performing components. If you need durable, cost-effective components to optimize your system, we’ll develop innovative solutions which support peak performance – quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials (FPM)

Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials (FPM) - BulkInside
Schenck Process Food and Performance Materials (FPM) engineer’s cutting-edge technologies and solutions across the bulk material handling spectrum, delivering unmatched precision and accuracy for dry powder pneumatic conveying, mixing, blending, milling, sifting, screening, weighing and feeding. Additionally, the group provides highly efficient air filtration systems for dust collection applications.

singold gerätetechnik gmbh

singold gerätetechnik gmbh
As a manufacturer, singold gerätetechnik gmbh provides discharge equipment, shut-off and locking systems for tanks and silos. These are used in production and conveying equipment for the building material, chemical and food industries and for the production of steel and biomass systems. singold gerätetechnik gmbh and its products stand for over 50 years experience in bulk material technology. We deliver 100% quality made in Germany.

Vortex Global Limited

Vortex Global Limited
Vortex manufactures quality slide gates, diverters, iris valves, and loading spouts for dry bulk solids solutions. All products are designed for dependability, durability and easy maintenance helping customers save time and money. Vortex is the brand choice among many industries including agriculture, bakery, cement, chemical, coal, food, milling, mineral, pharmaceutical, plastics, and rubber.


WAMGROUP S.p.A. - BulkInside Company Profile
WAMGROUP is the global market leader in Screw Conveyors and amongst the most prominent players in the field of Bulk Solids Handling & Processing Equipment. The company founded in Modena, Italy, in 1968, employs some 2,100 people at more than 60 locations in 40 countries. The Company’s comprehensive product range includes equipment for Bulk Solids Handling & Processing, Dust Filtration, Waste Water Treatment and Renewable Energy Generation.

Other manufacturers

ACS Valves
Adaptive Engineering & Fabrication (AEF)
Aerodyne Environmental
Airex Industries inc.
Ajax Equipment
AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH
Albarrie Canada Limited
Allegheny Manufacturing LLC
Anderson-Crane Company, Inc.
Anval Valves Pvt. Ltd.
Automated Process Equipment Corporation
Bray Controls Benelux B.V.
Britton Procol Valves
BTW Plant Solutions
Bush & Wilton Inc.
CAMImpianti S.r.l.
Carolina Conveying, Inc.
Cimbria A/S
COMAV s.r.l.
Custom Conveyor Corporation
DCL, Inc.
Dec Group
Delta Ducon, LLC
Detroit Stoker Company
EUROmilling A/S
European Gate Valves Limited
Everlasting Valve Company
Fansider Srl
GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
GEFA Processtechnik GmbH
Gericke Rotaval ltd
Hanningfield Process Systems
Hayes & Stolz Industrial Manufacturing Co.
HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group
Hiway Srl
Horizon Systems, Inc.
Imperial Systems, Inc.
Indpro Engineering Systems Pvt Ltd
J&M Industrial
JAUDT Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik GmbH
JetSolutions SA
Key International, Inc.
Kice Industries
KWS Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Lleal, S.A.
Lorenz Conveying Products USA Inc.
Macawber Engineering, Inc.
Machine & Process Design
Matcon Ltd. - a unit of IDEX Corporation
MEI Valvole Industriali S.r.l.
Metaval Consolidated Pty Ltd
METO Systems
Midwest International
MOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbH
MOZAIK uluslararası Tic ve Enerji üretim Ltd Şti
NEU Process
Oneida Air Systems
Palamatic Process
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Pelletron Corporation
Plattco Corporation
Powtech AB
Prater Industries, Inc.
Process Components Ltd
Process Components Ltd - Part of the Schenck Process Group
RICO Sicherheitstechnik AG
Rommel Talleres Metalúrgicos S.A.I.C.I.A
Rotary Airlock
Roto-Disc, Inc.
SCHÄFFER Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
SCHRAGE GmbH Plant Engineering
Scientific Dust Collectors
SN Engineering Limited
Stafsjö Valves AB
Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc.
Taiwan Control Valve
Techno Designs
TerraSource Global
Tetra Pak Powder Handling
US Duct
US Tubing
Visval AG
Wegen GmbH
Wm. W. Meyer & Sons
Wrights Dowson Group
XP Products LLC
Young Industries, Inc.

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Experts for Valves, Gates & Airlocks

Süleyman is General Manager of Polimak with more than 20 years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of bulk solids handling systems. He leads the organization to provide problem-free solutions from single equipment to complete turnkey systems for a wide range of industries. Pneumatic conveying systems, dust collectors, rotary valves, big bag dischargers, batching & dosing systems, storage silos are some of the components designed and produced by a highly qualified engineering team in the organization. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Süleyman’s background includes software development, industrial automation, and IoT technologies. This facilitates Polimak’s vision of providing data-driven smart process technologies for the bulk solids handling industry in the new digital age.
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Travis has over 20 years of experience in the dry bulk solids industry and is the President at Vortex, an engineering and manufacturing company that specialises in process valves and loading solutions specifically for solids handling. Travis has worked on solution-driven installations across six continents and has a strong knowledge of market-specific regulations and requirements within the industry.
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Rob van Zetten is Senior Account Manager Benelux, Scandinavia, and the Baltic states at DMN-WESTINGHOUSE. With over 30 years of work experience in bulk solids, he knows all the ins and outs of the industry: from complete processes to working with components. His broad market and industry knowledge is second to none. Due to his experience with numerous system integrators in various technical and commercial roles, he is perfectly capable of calculating a clear ROI and TCO. In his current position at DMN-WESTINGHOUSE this experience comes in very handy. He advises which rotary valve or diverter valve to place in which situation and takes both the sustainable and the financial side of the solution into account. His knowledge of the process ‘up- and downstream’ is of great added value. Rob is a specialist in the field of Aquaculture and also has demonstrable knowledge in the field of Food, Pharma, Petfood, Chemicals, Plastics, non-woven materials, and minerals.
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Julio Contreras is the Vice President of Sales at Sweet Manufacturing Company. With more than 21 years of expertise in the feed mill and industrial applications for material handling equipment. He also has an engineering background that allows him to dive deeper into projects and provide the best solution for their needs from an engineering perspective. Julio has contributed to Sweet through innovative product lines and, most importantly, the continuation of the company’s legacy. From small farm installations to some of the most significant installations globally, he has experience working with a variety of customers to deliver solutions for their applications.
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