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New Range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Suspended Dust and Fumes

New Range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Suspended Dust and Fumes
21 May 2020  |
The production cycle of manufacturing companies produces dusts and fumes of all kinds, which, if not controlled, are dangerously dispersed in the environment, posing a serious risk to safety at work.

Collecting dust directly when it’s produced, minimizes the health risks for workers. With this aim DU-PUY has renewed its range of industrial DEDUST dust collectors.

Thanks to 50 years of experience in the field of aspiration and in close contact with the industrial production world, the new DEDUST range offers today an innovative technology for the collection of suspended dust with the highest levels of filtration and efficiency required by international standards.

Industrial vacuum cleaners DEDUST: innovation in the dust removal activity

The DEDUST range is born from the innovative idea of creating products for industrial dedusting characterized by a high filtration efficiency, combined with an easy installation and a minimal need for maintenance.

Centrifugal fans from 1,1 to 5,5kw are installed inside a box that guarantees the best performance and air flow rate in relation to energy consumption (kW). Sound absorbing material ensures very low sound levels for both indoor and outdoor use.

The wide range of air flow rates available, starting from 2100 to 5400 m3/h, allows to adapt the suction unit to the use in occasional mobile applications with aspiration by articulated arms up to medium centralised dedusting plants with different collection points.

Superior filter efficiency, the reliability guarantee what you were looking for

Its construction composed by panels allows an easy assembly and an innovative design, free of screws and bolts in the external body of the machine. Thanks to the lock door only authorised personnel can access the container and cartridge area for a simplified maintenance.
The core of the dust collector, consisting of the filter chamber, has been designed to minimize dust contact with the cartridges, reserving only fine particles for the filtering element. The filtering surface goes from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 80 square meters, in relation to the air flow of the suction unit, which having a low specific load on the filter always guarantees optimal performance and a long life.

A pre-chamber allows a first level of dust separation, where the coarse particulates are directed directly to the tank container. Only the lightest dust will be able to get back to the inside of the filter chamber and will be retained by the high-surface folded cartridge filters in the antistatic category “M” (efficiency 1 micron).

The cartridges, horizontally mounted, are easily accessible via the front door that allows easy extraction and quick maintenance or replacement of the element (from 1 to 8 cartridge filters).

The DEDUST 2– 4– 8 are equipped with an automatic pneumatic filter cleaning system that ensures an effective cleaning while preserving a long life of the filtering element. A pressure monitoring system verifies the pressure before and after the cartridges, controlling their progressive saturation. In this way, only when needed, a cleaning cycle is automatically started from the electric cabinet by releasing a jet of compressed air to 5 bar inside each cartridge; reducing the air consumption and increasing the life of the filter cartridges.

The powder is collected in a practical quick-release container mounted on wheels, accessible through the front door, allowing easy and quick disposal of the aspirated dust.

Tailor made Dust Collector

Working for years in the field of industrial aspiration, we know the importance of configuring each product on the specific customer’s request. For this reason, each DU-PUY product is designed with the details necessary to guarantee the operator’s performance and safety.
Some of the more requested additional features are:

  • Cartridge filters in cat. M PTFE or Teflon
  • HEPA H13 certified absolute filters
  • Active carbon filters for smells
  • Spark trap
  • Atex Zone 22 certification for explosion risk zones
  • Possibility to bag the powders in BIG-BAG
  • Suction arms
  • Rigid centralised piping

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