Revolutionary Material Handling: Meet the Innovators at POWTECH 2023!

1 Sep 2023  |
Get ready to revolutionize the industry in September at POWTECH 2023 in Nuremberg! Here will be all the cool people in the world of bulk commodities and transportation technology. Imagine a place where smart solutions for handling things like powders, liquids and granules take center stage. Three big names, HETHON, ISL Technologies and Smadotec, step into the spotlight and trust us, it's going to be awesome!

HETHON – The Trendsetter:

Imagine: a company that completely changes the way we handle large loads of materials. That’s HETHON for you! It’s all about making things smoother, faster and more reliable. Whether you’re into dosing, processing, weighing, or control systems HETHON has it covered. They bring the future to the present, and it’s going to be amazing!

ISL Technologies – The Craftsmen:

These guys are like the superheroes who make sure everything runs smoothly. ISL Technologies know their stuff when it comes to handling powders, granular solids, tablets and more. They have a great thing with IBC – Cone Valve Technology. Imagine custom solutions that fit your industry like a glove. They bring the A game in technology, making things run like clockwork.

Smadotec – The Innovators:

Smadotec is like the wizards of dosing control systems. They’ve conjured up this magical thing called Easycontrol 4.0. It’s not just any system; it is THE system everyone is talking about. They even wave their magic wand over old systems, making them new again. Guess what? It’s the heroes of HETHON in Germany, spreading the word about Flexible Wall Feeders and more.

POWTECH 2023 is where dreams become reality. Think innovation, think game-changers, think about exploring the future of material handling. It’s going to be more exciting than a rollercoaster ride! So, mark your calendar and get ready to be amazed. These three, HETHON, ISL Technologies and Smadotec, bring the thunder to the Nuremberg exhibition halls and you don’t want to miss it!

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