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Inventory QuickViews and Truckload Management with BinCloud®

Inventory QuickViews and Truckload Management with BinCloud®
20 Aug 2021  |
Monitor inventory in bins, tanks, or silos and organize it in one place with BinCloud®. Level sensors do away with climbing vessels and manual measurements while the software does away with complicated spreadsheets. BinCloud® is a web-based application that lets you view current inventory levels, place orders, and generate reports. New features released in BinCloud® V1.3 make inventory management evermore easier, intuitive, and convenient.

Mobile-friendly QuickViews. Optimized data displays reorganize content to fit smaller screens and are easily customized to show just the data users need.

Manage truck space easily. Purchasers, drivers, and dispatchers can view how many truckloads will fit into a vessel or the number of truckloads available to take out. Improve purchasing, scheduling, and reduce overfilling.

View data over multiple sites. Simply open a dropdown to review a specific site. It is quick and easy to cycle through your sites or selects all sites to see them all at once.

Create automated alerts. A simple step-by-step process walks users through the setup of high and low-level alerts. New alert types notify users if a sensor has skipped readings, a gateway is inactive, or status has changed for a vessel or group of vessels.

Customized user experience. A new dropdown toolbar allows users to filter by keyword, access export features, select and deselect columns to display, and adjust table settings back to a default state.

Frustrated by supply chain issues and looking for a better, faster way to get the data you need? Get a demo and see how BinCloud® can transform how to silo inventory.

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