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Looking to Cut Costs? Look to Moisture Control

Looking to Cut Costs? Look to Moisture Control
26 Feb 2021  |
Your product should be top quality every time it leaves the facility and measuring the amount of moisture can be a crucial step in the process, too much or too little can be detrimental to the overall product.

The technology behind MoistTech’s design is what provides precision results: Near-Infrared spectroscopy and imaging. NIR utilizes a fast and nondestructive analytical technique that provides chemical and physical information of virtually any matrix. Using light absorption, NIR analysis can give accuracy results of +/- 0.01%. Non-contact online sensors with hundreds of measurements per second are -transmitted to a PLC which allows line personnel to make immediate line adjustments if necessary. The no-drift optical design requires no maintenance, is insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, requires a one-time calibration and provides continuous reliable readings.

Low Cost & High Accuracy

Moisture measurement and control analyzers can be found in thousands of applications all over the world, saving manufacturers a large amount of time and money by quickly detecting out of specification moisture ranges on the manufacturing line. Operating personnel can make immediate line adjustments based on real-time data. MoistTech Corp. has introduced Near-Infrared (NIR) technology to the moisture measurement and control process by producing the diamond standard in process control.

Improved Product Quality Monitoring

During various stages of processing, moisture levels are critical as the product can quickly become too wet or dry, wasting time, effort, and product. An ideal moisture control system accurately detects the moisture levels at different stages of the process, is easily maintained and has the ability to withstand even the harshest of manufacturing conditions. The IR3000 series of on-line sensors manufactured by MoistTech are specifically designed to be unaffected by ambient light, material variations such as particle size, material height and color, and provide continuous, repeatable accurate readings.

Immediate results can be seen when proper moisture measurement and control technology is used:

  • Newest Technology & Software
  • Surface Mount Electronics
  • Unlimited Licensing – Display readings in as many places as needed
  • Process Optimization
  • Low to Zero Maintenance
  • Fuel Consumption & Water Savings

Other technologies require constant re-calibrations, have height interference, experience drifting over time, produce less reflected light energy and overall provide the user with more of an estimated guess of moisture content rather than true, repeatable data. MoistTech’s technology provides hundreds of readings per second with the ability to be displayed anywhere throughout the process, giving full access and capabilities to the production line.

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MoistTech Corp. is the original manufacturer of Near-Infrared (NIR) technology in the Industrial Moisture industry, manufacturing a range of on-line sensors & at-line instruments for moisture measurement and real-time moisture process control. Non-contact and insensitive to material...

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