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Extend Shelf Life, Increase Product Quality & Reduce Recall Potential

2 Nov 2021  |
Disruptive by design, driven by perfection, PerMix Continuous Deaerators remove air & gases from products efficiently & affordably.

During processing & production air enters products and this air if left in products allows for oxidation and other reactions. These limit our shelf life as well as present the possibility of products and airborne pathogens to interact.   

By removing air & gases: 

  • Colors: Colors will stay bright & vibrant or crisp & clean, as just produced. No fading or discoloring in packaging over time due to oxidation 
  • Aroma & Scent: Aromas & scents will stay true to original formulation, not fade or turn foul over time 
  • Shipping & Packaging: Shipping cost will be saved as well as packaging costs as containers can be ordered with smaller sizes as removing air will allow for this. In addition presentation on store shelves will be better as products will not settle 
  • HACCP & SQF: Removal of air increases HACCP & SQF standards as without air & gases reduces the potential for organisms to form These are just some benefits. 

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