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Full PerMix Mixing Line Using our PNA 1500 conical mixer

Full PerMix Mixing Line Using our PNA 1500 conical mixer
9 Jun 2020  |
PerMix is not only a mixer manufacturer, but supplies full solutions when needed.

On the enclosed video you can see our PNA 1500 Conical mixer, combined with a storage tank that contains twice as the mixer’s volume, with a non-clogging type mixer, and a screw conveyor for the mixer feeding.

The mixer and storage tank are controlled by load cells, that allows an automatic process by the customer.

The line was supplied for a Baby Food instant porridge mixing of the base and additives, allow the full and easy cleaning when moving from one formula to the other, and as seen is supplied with a special working platform, all done in SS according to the customer’s high requirements.

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