GERICKE TCM Turbo Compact Mixer - One Step Ahead

GERICKE TCM Turbo Compact Mixer – One Step Ahead
27 Oct 2020  |
Gericke's unique experience in continuous mixing and feeding has resulted in a new family of mixing solutions. With the TCM Turbo Compact Mixer it is possible to continuously, and fully automatically, feed and mix up to four streams with minimum space requirements and high accuracy.
GERICKE TCM Turbo Compact Mixer – One Step Ahead

In many applications, the demand for flexibility in production is increasing, but without compromising on hygiene and cleanability. This often leads to complex systems that require extremely time-consuming and costly dismantling and cleaning. The new TCM compact mixer from Gericke is aimed precisely at such processes where demanding additives such as colours or flavours are added. Due to the “end-of-line” addition strategy, only a few equipment parts need to be cleaned.

This also makes the TCM ideally suited for products that must guarantee zero cross-contamination handling of allergens. The complete disassembly allows easy and quick cleaning. Even the mixing chamber is removable. Downtime due to cleaning is reduced by up to 90%!

With the small volumes, recipe accuracy is guaranteed even with frequent start-stop operation, which has been confirmed in an extensive series of tests. Despite the compact size, capacities of up to 20’000 l/h can be realized.

The mixing process is both fast and gentle, and prevents segregation when used directly before filling or extrusion lines.

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