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PerMix PAM Vertical Ribbon Mixer

9 Nov 2021  |
Ribbon mixers are among the most versatile powder processing equipment around. With a helical mixing tool extending across the length of the mixing shaft, ribbon mixers create a spiral flow within the mixing chamber that is ideal for blending free-flowing powders, pellets, flakes, or granules, as well as pastes, slurries, and dough.

From instant beverage powders to fine ceramics, from fertilizers to baby formula, from cosmetics to polymer blends, ribbon blenders play a pivotal role in bringing a wide range of products to market. But precisely because ribbon blenders are multi-purpose mixing machines, performance can vary dramatically depending on the model and application. 

Mixing technologist and ribbon mixer manufacturer PerMix® engineers customized solutions for diverse processing needs. Built with a unique, upright mixing chamber and equipped with innovative technology, PerMix® vertical ribbon mixers offer unparalleled mixing quality and highly efficient processing. 

The spiral mixing blade initiates a three-dimensional flow: a helical upward movement on the periphery and a downward flow in the center.   

  • Adjustable mix settings and rotational frequencies, with peripheral velocities.
  • Engineered ribbon for increased blend uniformity and discharge yield. 
  • Cylindrical mixing chamber can be equipped with a conical bottom or 
  • Conical design for rapid and complete discharging 
  • Large, ergonomic inspection doors for quick and easy cleaning 
  • Designed for compliance with 3-A, ATEX, GMP, EHEDG, FDA, USDA, and more

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