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PerMix PTPD or PTSD series Vacuum Mixers

PerMix PTPD or PTSD series Vacuum Mixers
27 Aug 2020  |
Dryers are turbulent mixing reactor-dryers. They are used as a high-speed paddle or plows dryers, chemical reactors or, if both processes are combined, as a dryer-reactor.

They are used with particular success in agglomeration-free rapid drying, heterogeneous reactions with systems of different substances, extraction, sterilization and in general for vacuum, positive-pressure, thermal energy and comminuting aids.

The considerably superior heat transfer characteristics of PTP/SD Vacuum Mixing Dryers are mainly attributable to the fact that external heat applied through the contact surfaces of the mixing vessel and mixing element, supplemented by frictional heat generated during the mixing process.

PerMix PTPD or PTSD series Vacuum Mixers

When operating at the usual speed, this accounts for 30 to 35 per cent of the total heat applied. Heat transfer is not inhibited by agglomerates or layers of material adhering to the internal components of the tank. This is largely due to the comminuting units and the high-speed, edge-sweeping paddle agitators, which ensure rapid circulation of the materials at the contact faces.

This particular PTP/SD 100 unit, was specially designed to have both the paddle and the plow inner shaft (Hybrid type), for optimizing the drying process to the dried product, is a cantilever designed for ease in cleaning and shaft change, has double mech. seals with cooling systems on both main shaft and chopper shaft, is fully vacuum rated (up to 50 Mbar absolute ), built-in dust filter housing with self-cleaning ability, special (our made) semi hemispherical manually operated valve, and a specially designed discharging system with dust free operation.

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