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Dinnissen Presents New Tiltable Dima® Bag Emptier

Dinnissen Presents New Tiltable Dima® Bag Emptier
13 Aug 2021  |
Emptying bags has never been easier. Thanks to its tilting body, this new Dima® Bag Emptier can be easily operated by a single operator. The tilting Dima® makes the bag emptying process more hygienic, ergonomic, safe and productive.

Designed from the ergonomic needs of the operator

The tilting Dima® Bag Emptier is a fully automatic system that empties and disposes bags without operator intervention. Earlier models of the Dima® Bag Emptier were already characterized by a robust design, able to withstand heavy, prolonged and intensive loading. The new Dima® also features a tilting system, which allows the operator easy and quick access to places that are normally difficult to reach. Dinnissen’s new bag emptying system is designed in such a way that the operator can easily and safely operate the system alone.

Higher product intake thanks to easy-to-clean and ergonomic design

The machine’s capacity goes up by reducing the time needed for cleaning, inspection and replacement of parts. In addition, the tiltable Dima® Bag Emptier is designed in consideration of the operator. The machine is designed to be as ergonomic as possible. By simply turning a handwheel, the operator can tilt, open and operate the Dima® Bag Emptier himself. As a result, the product intake process requires less time, less manpower and less energy.

More hygienic and safe thanks to tiltable body

The tiltable body allows operators very quick and easy access to hard-to-reach areas in the bag emptier. This is particularly helpful when meeting the toughest international hygiene requirements is essential. In addition, this way of working with the bag emptier is perfectly safe, both for the operator and for the environment. The air ventilation ensures no dust can escape. 

Further development of proven Dima® bag emptying concept

With the Dima® Bag Emptier as a solid base, Dinnissen looked for ways to optimize the bag-emptying process. By innovating from the user’s point of view and using proven techniques, the tiltable Dima® Bag Emptier was born. Suitable for fast, dust-free and easy emptying of bags and operated by one single operator.

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