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Automated Conveying System Eliminates Manual Extruder Feeding

Automated Conveying System Eliminates Manual Extruder Feeding
19 Oct 2022  |
The Volkmann VS pneumatic vacuum conveying system from process equipment manufacturer Volkmann USA, Bristol, PA transfers powders, pellets, and other bulk food ingredients from storage to an extruder in measured amounts.

Transferred as pulsed slugs in preset weights or volumes, the sanitary conveyors eliminate the use of manual extruder loading along with its potential for errors and contamination in favor of an automated approach that ensures the material flows smoothly to the machine.

Automated Conveying System Eliminates Manual Extruder Feeding

The enclosed vacuum conveyors may discharge the ingredients into a feeder, hopper or mixer, or directly into the extruder inlet as a sealed raw material transfer system without exposing sensitive materials to the plant environment.

Suitable for conveying food, petfood, nutritional, and other ingredients for extrusion, the Volkmann VS conveyors may be used to transfer multiple ingredients from bulk bag unloaders, sack tip stations, silos, feeding hoppers, and drums in multiple locations for feeding into a single extruder or continuous mixing processor. Powders such as fine sugar and salt in particle sizes as small as 0.1 µm to chocolate chips, candies, nuts, and berries up to several inches in size may be transferred safely and gently without damaging the ingredients.

The hygienic pneumatic vacuum conveying system may be tested in the company’s Bristol, PA test facility. Testing may be viewed live on-site or streamed live online.

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