Gericke USA Unveils Pulse-Line(TM) PTA Pneumatic Conveying System

Gericke USA Unveils Pulse-Line(TM) PTA Pneumatic Conveying System
12 Feb 2020  |
SOMERSET, NJ - Process equipment manufacturer Gericke, USA, Somerset, NJ, has unveiled the Pulse-Line(TM) PTA PL dense phase pneumatic conveying system.

Featuring a patented design, the Pulse-Line PTA PL pneumatic conveying system automatically forms dry, bulk materials into separate, pulsed slugs for highly gentle transfer at low gas velocities then injects additional air or nitrogen at key points along the conveying pipeline. Integrating these self-regulating activator groups, the Pulse-Line PTA PL reliably conveys pressure-sensitive granulates, sprayed granules, plastic pellets, non-compressible powders, and other fragile materials up to 1,500 feet in mass flow while maintaining the proper length of the pulsed slugs and safeguarding the particle size and shape.

Suitable for both batch and continuous processes, the Pulse-Line PTA PL is custom-engineered for each installation to meet target throughput rates, conveying distances, particle size distributions and other requirements. Designed for dependable, unattended, 24/7 operation, the dry material conveying system includes the feeding hopper, pressure vessel, pipeline, activators, conveying and secondary air supplies, plus the company’s computer-driven STP 61 touch-screen control system as standard.

The pneumatic conveying systems are assembled and tested in the company’s Somerset, New Jersey, headquarters and installed by the company’s engineering team. The systems may be integrated into existing systems to extend conveying distances and improve throughput rates.

Gericke USA Unveils Pulse-Line(TM) PTA Pneumatic Conveying System

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