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The Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying

The Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying
3 Dec 2019  |
Handling powders, granules and solids within a production department is often a critical factor that can lead to dispersions with high risks of contamination of both the product and the environment: the consequences are product waste, production inefficiencies and high management costs.

The pneumatic conveyor allows transferring the same material from one point to another using the vacuum as a driving force.

The completely closed system allows eliminating product dispersions during transport, eliminating the risk of contamination.

Thanks to the extreme simplicity and flexibility of the system, a pneumatic conveyor can perform different functions that go beyond the simple transfer of material between two points:

  • Dust separation
  • Loading-unloading of industrial machinery or containers of various kinds
  • Dust distribution in multiple discharge points
  • Multiple withdrawal

These features make pneumatic conveyors the optimal solution for many food, chemical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.

Their use can increase up to 30% the productivity and efficiency of the automatic or semi-automatic machines on which they are installed.

But what are the advantages of a pneumatic conveyor?

The pneumatic powder conveyor systems simplify the process and make it hygienic and safe:

  • Easy and quick to install and interface with other process machines
  • They require little space thanks to the use of flexible pipes and can also be implemented later thanks to their modularity
  • Prevent product leakage and contamination and some models prevent de-mixing
  • The required maintenance is minimal and extremely simple and fast to perform as they are systems with few moving mechanical parts subject to wear. The use of clean and non-lubricated compressed air only contributes to maintaining maximum transport efficiency.
  • Increased hygiene and safety within the departments.

Delfin pneumatic conveyor ranges have been developed in collaboration with important users taking into consideration the different needs they may face.

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