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Latest Animation From Kemutec, Showing how a Centrifugal Sifter Sieves

31 Jan 2020  |
A Centrifugal Sifter sieves and screens large volumes of powder and other bulk materials, quickly but with efficiency.

Whilst a Centrifugal Sifter will classify material for a given size, it will also screen it, to remove contaminants and de-risk the process.

Kemutec’s KEK Centrifugal Sifter is recognized globally, as the leading industry high capacity sifter. The KEK Sifter provides unparalleled performance and benefits to users in the Food Processing and Powder Processing industries.

The latest animation of the KEK Sifter illustrates it’s unique features and benefits, such as its advanced hygienic design for easy cleaning. It shows how screens can be replaced in just 30 seconds and the Sifter’s NEW paddle assembly design, which provides even more hygienic control, as well as demonstrating how easily you can inspect material for optimum performance.

Through our extensive experience at Kemutec, we were the FIRST designer of powder processing equipment to engineering the ‘Cantilever’ feature. It is a very important feature for Food and Powder Processors, that took standards of hygiene within Sifters, to another level. Designed to allow tool-free maintenance, this feature results in optimized uptime and output. In addition to this, KEK Sifters are very easy to operate, making the sifting and screening process simple for the user.

Latest Animation From Kemutec, Showing how a Centrifugal Sifter Sieves

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