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Efficient Fine Grinding – Comfortable And Reproducible Now Combinable With High-Performance Cyclone Separator

Efficient Fine Grinding – Comfortable And Reproducible Now Combinable With High-Performance Cyclone Separator
3 Mar 2023  |

The Disk Mill PULVERISETTE 13 premium line grinds hard-brittle to medium-hard solids down to 0,05 mm fineness. It is especially safe due to the automatic locking of collecting vessel and grinding chamber. And thanks to the simple motor-driven grinding gap adjustment with digital gap display and the presentation of all parameters on the well-designed display absolutely convenient to operate.

  • High throughput of up to 150 kg/h with extra powerful motor
  • Fast, residue-free cleaning due to Clean Design with smooth inner surfaces of the grinding chamber and removable funnel
  • Longer service life of the grinding disks due to simple change of the rotational direction (clockwise/counter-clockwise)
  • Grindings disks are available in 4 different materials for optimal adaptation to your sample material
  • Dust-free grinding due to the connection of a dust exhaust system – directly controlled via the instrument

Ideal for medium particle sizes in the areas of mining and metallurgy, ceramics industry, rocks and soils, glass industry, soil research.

Strong team: Disk Mill plus Cyclone separator

Now the FRITSCH Disk Mill P-13 premium line can be combined with the high-performance Cyclone separator. This not only simplifies filling and cleaning considerably, but at the same time finer gap widths for higher final fineness can be used without any problems. The strong airflow of the Cyclone separator accelerates the throughput, increases the discharge from the grinding chamber, and keeps the thermal load of the samples low.

Even with materials such as coal or chalk, which are otherwise difficult to grind finely. At the same time, the output of the sample can be actively controlled, and the fine dust load in the vicinity of the mill remains significantly lower. Another advantage: The comminuted sample is fed directly into a screw-on glass and no longer has to be laboriously transferred manually from the drawer.

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