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BASF, THIELMANN and NXTGN launch strategic partnership to further develop and commercialize IBC trackers

5 May 2023  |
The expertise of the three partners will bring the product “Tracingo” as part of the platform to commercial maturity and set new market standards.

BASF, THIELMANN and NXTGN signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA), laying the foundation for a strategic partnership in the field of intermediate bulk container (IBC) tracking. In the coming months, the industry partners will further develop technically and commercially the solution for level measurement and location analysis of IBCs, developed by BASF’s Coatings division. The product named “Tracingo” will be integrated into NXTGN’s platform “”.

Forwarding companies and manufacturers of all types of liquids can use “” to track and document the location of their containers, their fill level and conditions in real time. This transparency enables optimized resource planning, customized maintenance and complete traceability. The partners are also preparing the sensors for ATEX certification to enable their use in hazardous areas and to meet highest safety requirements.

The solution is a patented technology based on the evaluation of acoustic signals and the connection of sensors to the Internet of Things (IoT). It enables the location, fill level, shock load, temperature and contamination data of IBCs to be accurately measured. The collected data is processed and displayed in a web-based dashboard. It provides users from the logistics sector with a reliable basis for making decisions on saving and optimization measures in their fleet management. BASF, THIELMANN and NXTGN are driving digitalization in logistics through the further development of the tracking solution and help customers achieve greater transparency and efficiency.

“Digitalization is one of our approaches for continuous growth and more efficiency. We not only develop coating solutions, but also intelligent digital solutions that offer customers added value,” said Harald Borgholte, Divisional Digital Officer at BASF’s Coatings division. “In the cooperation with THIELMANN and NXTGN, we serve a completely new industry: logistics. I am pleased to see how a business model has emerged from a user problem in our units and how we are now working together as partners to bring the product to the next level.”

Eycke-Christian Dörre, Managing Director for Services at THIELMANN, said: “We support our customers with optimal services such as the collection and delivery of containers, cleaning and maintenance. Supported by digital technologies, we are also addressing issues such as tracking and smart fleet management, so that the life cycles of our products are transparent for our customers and for us. We look forward to further developing these services with NXTGN and BASF as a strong partner.”

Patrick Franke, Managing Director at NXTGN, said: “Real-time tracking and monitoring of IBCs is key to meeting the ever-increasing demands for supply chain security, sustainability and efficiency. IoT enables us to overcome these complex challenges. The development of a marketable solution together with BASF and THIELMANN reflects the technological expertise of all parties involved as well as our company motto: from sensor to business model.”

“Tracingo” started as a user-driven digital initiative from Logistics and became a digital venture of BASF Coatings. Logistics and Container Management at the Münster site worked hand in hand with the company’s Digital Incubation Unit, which specializes in identifying and validating digital business models. They tested prototypes under the special requirements of the chemical industry, carried out user tests and investigated the market for their product. THIELMANN and NXTGN have already been working together for several years in the field of container tracking using IoT technology. As the initiator and user of the technical solution, BASF Coatings remains an important innovation driver in the project. As a consultant for digitalization in medium-sized companies and an expert in the field of IoT, NXTGN will lead further product development. THIELMANN, the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers, will contribute its know-how on IBCs and customer requirements and act as a sales partner.

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