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Brief History of Pneumatic Tank Unloading

28 Jul 2022  |
Although Solimar Pneumatics is best known for their Silo Fluidizer which is used in storage silos, weigh hopper and filters, Solimar got its start in aeration for dry bulk tank trailers.

Solimar’s founder, Keith Solimar, immigrated from Sweden to the United States in the 1950’s. He became chief engineer at Butler Trailer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While designing pneumatic tankers, Mr. Solimar knew there must be a faster, more efficient and reliable way to unload. After years of testing, he came up with the original Butler aerator. It did not clog like the current fabric pads and unloaded tankers at speeds not seen in the past. After Butler Trailer closed in the 1970’s, Mr. Solimar opened a machine shop. He kept getting calls from old customers that wanted his Butler aerator, but Mr. Solimar thought he could invent something better. Through testing and many failures, he finally found the design we now call the Solimar Fluidizer. It is still the fastest and most durable Fluidizer on the market, even after all the years. 

Don’t settle for cheap copies, there is no substitute for the original Solimar Fluidizer.

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