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Vortex® Flex Tube Diverter™: A State-of-the-Art Solution

18 May 2023  |
The Vortex® Flex Tube Diverter™, is a state-of-the-art solution specifically designed to eliminate material cross-contamination while offering the convenience of continuous conveying. This innovative device is ideal for diverting or converging applications where material cross-contamination is a concern, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficiency in handling dry bulk materials.

The Flex Tube Diverter is engineered with live loaded, wear compensating hard polymer pressure plate seals, which prevent material cross-contamination into the opposite line(s). This unique feature sets it apart from alternative pneumatic diverters that can pack and grind materials against the seals, resulting in seal wear, material degradation, and damaged product quality. To address these issues, the Flex Tube Diverter’s “scissoring” action tapers off material flow as it shifts between lines, keeping the pressure plate seals clear of materials and extending their service life.

Designed for both horizontal and vertical orientations, the Flex Tube Diverter can be shifted on a flowing column of materials – also known as “shifting on the fly.” However, we recommend consulting an application engineer before attempting this procedure. With its unobstructed, full-bore orifice, the sliding blade of the Flex Tube Diverter maintains convey line pressure and allows unrestricted material movement. This design resolves the issues commonly encountered with many alternative pneumatic diverters, such as disrupted convey line pressures, obstructed material flow, and line plugs.

Safety and durability are at the forefront of the Flex Tube Diverter’s construction. The device features a housing that protects the flexible hose and encloses all moving parts, eliminating hazardous pinch points and ensuring the longevity of the flexible hose. This design is particularly advantageous when the diverter is installed outdoors, as it shields the flexible hose from environmental factors.

The Flex Tube Diverter is suitable for gravity flow and dilute phase pneumatic conveying applications, handling differential pressures up to 15 psig | 1 barg | 0.1 MPa, depending on gate size. It can be used in pressure or vacuum systems, making it a versatile solution for non-abrasive to moderately abrasive powders, pellets, and granules.

In summary, the Vortex® Flex Tube Diverter™ is a cutting-edge, reliable solution for handling dry bulk materials while eliminating cross-contamination concerns. Its innovative design, robust construction, and industry expertise make it an invaluable addition to any material handling system. Trust the Flex Tube Diverter to deliver the quality, customer focus, and customization that your operation demands.

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