Vortex Orifice Slide Gate Valve

Eliminate production inefficiencies and frequent valve maintenance with the Vortex Quantum Series Orifice Gate.

Its narrow profile and lightweight construction allow for easy installation of the valve either horizontal or vertical. Vortex’s Orifice Gate features a full-flange, weather-resistant design with better sealing performance, higher durability, easier maintenance, and fewer replacement parts than traditional knife gates or butterfly valves.

The Vortex orifice gate’s blade and seal design allows the valve to “self-clean” on the opening stroke, which prevents material from packing on the valve’s internal seals. It includes hard-polymer seals that compensate for wear over time. Shim removal for seal adjustments is quick and easy; and blade adjustments can be performed directly on the conveying line. ATEX, CE, and FDA approved.

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