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Vortex Roller Slide Gate Valve

30 Jan 2024  |
The Vortex Roller Gate, part of the Quantum Series, is an efficient solution for material handling in spaces with limited installation room. This gate, built with specialized metals and polymers, ensures durability, and provides a positive seal.

Its unique design features deflectors and retainers that safeguard the seals from material flow. The gate is also self-cleaning, ensuring no metal-on-metal contact, and enhancing its lifespan. With flange options and replaceable parts, the Roller Gate offers flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Ideal for use above or below gravity-fed hoppers/silos, mixers, and screw conveyors, this gate can also be setup as an effective air shut-off/damper gate. The base model comes with cam-adjustable rollers and replaceable bonnet seals, offering an added layer of convenience.

The Roller Gate’s seals are live loaded and wear compensating, made from hard polymer. A Special Service Inlet can be added to minimize material contact with the seals and protect the rollers. The gate outperforms other roller-supported slide gates due to its superior sealing materials, minimal contact design, and easy maintenance.

The Roller Gate can handle a wide range of materials, from non-abrasive powders to moderately abrasive granules. It can be modified for corrosive or sticky materials and for wash-down purposes. Standard sizes range from 6-30 inches, with multiple flange types and material temperature options.

Drive options include double-acting air cylinder, hand wheel/crank, chain wheel, or electric actuator. Position confirmation can be achieved through magnetic reed, proximity or mechanical limit switches, and clear bonnet covers. Additional options include sealed body air purge, return pan, special service inlet, and compliance with ATEX Zone 20 (internal), ATEX Zone 21 (external), and FDA regulations.

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