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FLC 3A: Hygenic Load Cell For Foot

6 Apr 2023  |
The new LAUMAS FLC 3A load cell for foot is born.

Made of 17-4 PH stainless steel, the load cell is part of the LAUMAS new hygienic line. It can be sanitized in its entirety and complies with the 3-A Sanitary Standard.
Its strengths:

  • easy to mount;
  • has an IP69K protection rating;
  • has a wide range of capacity (from 1000kg to 20000kg);
  • the lower stem is internally threaded so that the height of the feet can be adjusted.

The FLC 3A is compatible with most of the feet on the market and, on request, it can be supplied with its hygienic foot that:

  • has a tilt capacity of up to ±7.5°, to compensate for any non-parallelism of the supporting surface of the structure;
  • its stem is partially threaded, to form a single body with the load cell;
  • there is also a pluggable version with 2 holes for fixing to the floor with 2 hygienic screws, so as to create an anti-tilt constraint.

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