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Dinnissen Process Technology Introduces New Mixing Innovation: The Pegasus® R&D Mixer

Dinnissen Process Technology introduces new mixing innovation: The Pegasus® R&D Mixer
2 Jul 2021  |
This innovation in mixing technology was born out of a very specific request from a customer of Dinnissen. This producer asked for a compact mixer for testing a very specific chemical process. For this purpose, Dinnissen designed and built a special Pegasus® R&D Mixer: a very small mixer that allows producers to quickly and efficiently experiment and test different product compositions using complex processing techniques.

What producers can use R&D mixers for:

  • Testing many ways to improve products and processes: quickly, easily, cost-effectively, and extremely accurate and reliable.
  • Adding different ingredients and mixing small batches within a relatively short time.
  • Testing recipes and experimenting to find the best possible product composition.
  • Creating new products and innovations in a cost-effective way.

How this R&D Mixer for chemical testing is impacting renewable energy production worldwide

Dinnissen Process Technology introduces new mixing innovation: The Pegasus® R&D Mixer

To discover new ways to create renewable energy sources, a company in the chemical sector approached Dinnissen to come up with a solution to test their ideas on renewable energy. Their very specific chemical process requires that a batch is mixed continuously for 24 hours with exactly 1 gram of additives, while temperature and humidity are controlled. For this project, Dinnissen’s engineers developed a very compact Pegasus® R&D mixer in which all raw materials can be kept in motion for long periods of time and can be tested in small batches. Using the proven Pegasus® mixing technology as a basis, Dinnissen designed just the right system for this testing procedure.

The first results of these tests show enormous potential. This R&D mixing installation has the potential to grow into large-scale chemical processing lines that will have a positive impact on the global production of renewable energy.

Features of this Pegasus® R&D Mixer for chemical testing:

  • Compact and mobile design
  • Precise mixing due to the use of Pegasus® mixing technology
  • Perfect temperature control of both mixer and products
Dinnissen Process Technology introduces new mixing innovation: The Pegasus® R&D Mixer

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