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How to Improve Your Cheese Production Line With Pneumatic Conveyors

How to Improve Your Cheese Production Line With Pneumatic Conveyors
14 Feb 2020  |
Making cheese is a job that requires special knowledge, technical mastery and great care of the product. The products treated in the dairy sector must be prepared with equipment capable of reducing the risks of bacterial load, to be sanitized easily, simply and accurately so as to avoid contamination.

Delfin pneumatic conveying systems allow you to transfer foods such as hard or semi-hard cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino), mozzarella for pizza, curd, without the risk of contamination is simple to disassemble and sanitize and configurable for the washing procedure in CIP so as to reduce the dismantling and sanitization times.

Why choose pneumatic conveyor for your industry:

 Maximum productivity at minimum costs

The production lines, in the dairy sector, are often used 24 hours a day and for this reason, the reliability of the plants must guarantee high productivity with low running costs.

Delfin systems are equipped with high-quality components and are designed with technical precautions to guarantee maximum system performance.

The powerful software allows you to control the entire system and warns the operator in case of anomalies through the messages that appear on the operator panel, so you can intervene and resolve the anomaly quickly and effectively.

Minimum obstruction within your department

Sector companies have often grown a lot over time, this has led to the need to increase the number of production lines causing structural inconvenience due to the “room for maneuver” which has significantly reduced.

Delfin product transfer lines can be made with flexible tubing ideal for covering wide routes without taking up space within the production department.

Flexibility of use

Products derived from milk processing can come in very different shapes: grated, cubed, julienne, flakes and sticks. The flexibility of Delfin systems allows using the same line for the transfer of all these references by replacing a few simple parts of it.

Furthermore, it is essential to avoid product dispersion in the environment, which can lead, in addition to economic damage, to a high risk of injury for operators.

Simple and efficient product transfer

To transfer the product, Delfin conveyors use vacuum technology which means that the whole line is sealed and there are no points or parts of it that allow the reference to disperse.

This aspect is very important so that the product cannot come into contact with external “contaminating” elements.

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