Elcan Industries Opens New Lab With 3D Printing Recycling Program

Elcan Industries Opens New Lab With 3D Printing Recycling ProgramElcan Industries Opens New Lab With 3D Printing Recycling Program
TUCKAHOE, NY, Elcan Industries is proud to announce the opening of our new lab and particle testing laboratory. The facility will feature advanced lab equipment that will be used for fine particle size determination and evaluations of different products. The lab will also include a station for recycling additive manufacturing powders on the Hi-Sifter sieving machine.

Elcan will offer sieving of additive manufacturing powders for companies who struggle with recycling these powders or for companies who have a back up of powder they need sieved. Lastly, the lab will have a new Elbow Jet Air Classifier for sub 10-micron particle separation.

Elcan Industries Opens New Lab With 3D Printing Recycling ProgramElcan’s 3D printing powder recycle program is part of their newly constructed lab. The program is designed to help companies with sieving powders and to help prevent powder from building up in the customer’s lab. Running on the Hi-Sifter unit, companies will be able to hit any powder spec they desire down to 10 microns. The Hi-Sifter has no non-metallic contact areas and the polished stainless-steel construction of the machine is perfect for aerospace and biomedical applications. Elcan can take in powders packaged in any format and offer a short turnaround to get the powder sieved and back out the door.

The new laboratory will feature various pieces of testing equipment that will give both Elcan and the customer instant feedback on their powder. Elcan has a Malvern Mastersizer 3000 in the lab which gives accurate PSD print outs and can immediately determine finished product particle size. Elcan also has Air Jet Sieves and Rotaps for particle size determination and has the ability to microscopically image pictures to show individual particles.

Lastly, the lab will feature the Elbow Jet Air Classifier for fine particle separation. The Elbow Jet Air Classifier is capable of making simultaneous, multiple classifications for particles under 10 microns. The machine relies on air flow and density to make separations – rather than relying on a traditional classifier wheel. The machine has no moving parts and has tungsten carbide contact areas virtually eliminating the risk of foreign contamination. Call today to find out more information! (914)-381-7500.

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