Bulk Terminals 2022 Riga

Bulk Terminals 2022 Riga

The conference always sets the scene with an analysis of bulk markets. It continues with a full program focused on the concerns of operators, each year offering sound practical solutions for improving safety; streamlining operations & digitalization; development opportunities and ensuring environmental protection. Naturally the ongoing effect of covid-19 on bulk terminal operations will be covered.

We had hoped to visit Riga last year, but had to move the conference online. This year as guests of our host port the Freeport of Riga Authority, and conditions permitting, we will all meet in Latvia. Given the importance to Latvian and Baltic ports of transit cargoes, rail and transport connectivity will also be covered in Bulk Terminals Riga 2022 – especially given the impact the Russian invasion of Ukraine may have had.

Similarly, China’s dispute with Lithuania has regional and EU implications. China – as we know from their issues with Australia – is prepared to use its massive clout when it comes to trade and commodities in pursuance of political objectives.

Beijing has denied ordering a trade boycott but the European Commission says it has evidence that China is refusing to clear Lithuanian goods through customs, rejecting import applications and pressuring EU companies to remove Lithuanian inputs from their supply chains. The EU has now taken the case to the World Trade Organisation, which could take some time to resolve.

Time will tell what outcome of the war in Ukraine and trade disputes with China will be. Bulk Terminals 2022 will examine the fallout, regionally and internationally.

Bulk Terminals 2022 Riga – the only event all those concerned with the bulk terminals industry needed to attend this year.

04 Oct 2022 - 06 Oct 2022

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ABTO provides a voice for bulk terminal operators, at a national and international level, providing a forum for its members to discuss the issues impacting seaborne trade and the global transportation of bulk commodities. ABTO encourages the free and frank exchange of opinion to enable the bulk sector to present a united front in all discussions with ...