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Particle Size Characterization 2024

Particle Size Characterization 2024
Particle Size Characterization 2024

Why the course Particle Characterization?

Particle characterization concerns a wide range of materials and products: ranging from large molecules (proteins and polymers), micelles, micro-emulsions, viruses, droplets, latexes, fine dust particles, pigments, clay and minerals up to sand and gravel.

Powders and granular material are of key importance in industry. Approximately 80% of the industrial processes deals with such solid matter. In the chemical industry alone, half of the final products and 75% of the semi-finished products is in powder or granular form.
Delft Solids Solutions offers two courses devoted to particle characterization:

In the first 2-day course Particle Size Characterization the overall basic principles and definitions of particle size and particle shape are being discussed and particle size distribution techniques are being explained and compared. Pros and cons of the techniques are highlighted and common pitfalls in particle size characterization are interactively discussed. Accuracy, quality and quality control are separate topics that are dealt with together with selection of appropriate measurement techniques. A fully-equipped laboratory is located in the same premises as where the course is taught, which enables a perfect blend between theory and practice.

This course is in close relation to the 1-day course Porosity and Surface Area Characterization. Both courses are scheduled together in order to enable attendance of both courses in a series of 3 days.

26 Nov 2024 - 27 Nov 2024

Solid Delft Solutiond

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