Understand the Properties of your Powders!

Understand the Properties of your Powders!

Have you experienced processability problems like a lack of flowability, heavy sticking on pipes and machine surfaces, or variability in dosage? The next Virtual Powder Flow Course, on 27 & 28 February 2023, will help you understand the flow of your powders in many industrial applications.

The macroscopic behavior of powders is a direct consequence of the diverse microscopic interactions taking place at the scale of the particles. Therefore, the flow of powders is the result of a complex multiparameter interplay of these interactions. However, a good understanding of the properties of the particles and the cohesive interactions is necessary to better predict the resulting behavior, as well as its sensibility to environmental parameters like relative humidity or process temperature.

In this Virtual Powder Flow Course, we will explore the properties of powders at different scales, from the interactions between the particles at the micro scale to the consequence on the powder processability. Then, you will learn how this new knowledge can be used to better understand the processability of powders through detailed case studies.

27 Feb 2023 - 28 Feb 2023

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GranuTools, is a company that improves powder understanding by delivering leading-edge physical characterization tools. Granutools improves powder understanding by delivering leading edge physical characterization tools. Combining decades of experience in scientific instrumentation with fundamental research on powder characterization, we offer a ...