General Kinematics’ VIBRA-BUSTER™ Vibratory Lump Breaker

General Kinematics’ VIBRA-BUSTER™ Vibratory Lump Breaker
Moisture Caking, Material Bond, Chemical Reaction, and Static Electricity can cause agglomerations in your material leaving you or your customers with a poor material presentation.

Dealing with agglomerated material can detract from the quality of your product and lead to processing delays. In some cases, this can add an extra step to the distribution process causing the need for employees to physically break up the bags with hammers or drop the product over and over until it slowly de-clumps. This process is not only a waste of time for employees, delaying your distribution process, but can also cause back injuries and other health-related issues for your team.

 There are many ways you can try to improve your product conditioning, from controlling the moisture or temperature in a room to making changes in your pre-packaging process. These changes can cause headaches and may not remove agglomerates completely.

General Kinematics vibratory systems can eliminate agglomeration while preserving the quality of your product. The VIBRA-BUSTER™ Vibratory Lump Breaker can rid an entire pallet of agglomerations in minutes. By placing the pallet of material on the equipment the VIBRA-BUSTER™ Vibratory Lump Breaker breaks down agglomerations in the material while keeping the bags intact.

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