How to Transfer a Highly Potent or Toxic Product?

How to Transfer a Highly Potent or Toxic Product?
In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it is extremely important to be able to transfer product from machine α to machine ß.

It is possible to use a traditional butterfly valve only if the product is harmless or if its toxicity is very low.

If the product to be transferred has an average level of toxicity, it is easier for the operator to be contaminated, and it is very important to use proper safety devices.

Things get even more complicated if the product has a high toxicity level that can endanger the operator and the surrounding environment.

SteriValves’ answer to the problem of contamination is SteriSplit, the ideal solution for every process where it is necessary to preserve the health of the operator and the quality of products: active substances, hormones, antibiotics, injectables, toxic products.

The valve, manufactured in accordance with cGMP, EHEDG and ATEX guidelines, is made up of two parts, active and passive, both provided with semi-butterfly and seal, which are coupled perfectly during the product transfer.

The Sterisplit valve guarantees safety of personnel, reduced environmental contamination, reduced risk of cross-contamination.

SteriSplit containment valve is manufactured in compliance with the rules established by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. Each valve is designed, manufactured, tested and individually packed in SteriValves’ facilities in Lucca (Italy).

Available sizes: 50,100,150,200.

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