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3i’s Technologies is a supplier of precision, dynamic weighing and batching systems.

Products and services include batching/feeding/material handling equipment, systems design/integration, and process optimization. As a company, 3i’s represents over 125 years of process design and weighing experience, & is uniquely qualified to provide solutions to today’s demanding processes.

 Innovative 3i’s technologies and services include:

  •  The  revolutionary and newly awarded ​Rotary Vane Feeder
  • The award winning BatcHHouse™
  • ​Rotary Scalpel™, which delivers a new level of precision to batching and filling processes.
  • ​The BatcHHouse™ Dynamic Bulk Density Meter, an inline real-time bulk density meter.​

The unique ​Process Performance Assurance System (PPAS), a software technology platform designed to deliver expertise to your problems and empower you with online real-time data, knowledge, and insight that results in the performance optimization of your process lines.

3i’s Technologies
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