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Airmatic Inc

For over 70 years, AIRMATIC has distributed, installed and maintained bulk material handling equipment in the New England and Middle Atlantic States. As an Industrial Distributor we stock and service products of some of the world’s leading suppliers of products used in the conveying, storage and processing sectors. Customers tell us that by choosing AIRMATIC as their product and service provider, they gain increased productivity, decreased maintenance costs, and a safer, cleaner work environment. Our Products and Services include: HOPPER CAR UNLOADING EQUIPMENT to eliminate safety and productivity problems associated with opening, emptying and processing bulk materials arriving by railcar; PNEUMATIC & ELECTRIC VIBRATORS to excite and maintain movement of bulk solids to empty bins, hoppers, railcars & trucks, improve chute & pipe flow and clean dust filters & precipitators; VIBRATORY MOTORS & DRIVES to replace OEM Vibrators for feeders & conveyers, screeners, densifiers & de-airers, settlers & compacters, and sifters; AIR CANNONS & BIN AERATORS to eliminate arching, bridging and clinging flow problems in bins, hoppers, silos and bunkers through the instantaneous injection and expansion of compressed air; BELT CONVEYOR COMPONENTS, ACCESSORIES & CONTROLS to prevent leakage and spillage at transfer points, belt misalignment, material carryback, airborne dust and belt damage problems with products that improve conveyor loading, carrying and discharging; SILO CLEANING, INSPECTION & REPAIR SERVICES to eliminate blockage and build-up problems in storage vessels; Assess vessel structural integrity, and perform rebuild/restoration work; ENGINEERING, INSTALLATION, FABRICATION & MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE SERVICES to maximize value and utility of plant processes by reducing acquisition costs, lowering operational costs and improving productivity by increasing the efficiency, reliability and safety of bulk material handling systems; VALVES & ACTUATORS to precisely control, regulate or shut-off flow of powders, solids, slurries and gases to increase process efficiency, decrease valve maintenance costs and improve safety and profitability; POINT & CONTINUOUS BIN LEVEL INDICATORS & CONTROLS to provide fast, safe and accurate solutions for measuring and monitoring inventory levels of stored bulk solids; DUST CONTAINMENT, SUPPRESSION & COLLECTION to reduce health, fire/explosion and safety risks while lowering equipment damage, maintenance costs, process downtime and regulatory burden; AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION SYSTEMS to provide automatic, consistent and continuous fresh lubricant to equipment located in remote, hard-to-access and dangerous areas; PORTABLE AIR SUPPLY SYSTEMS to provide a transportable source of clean, dry compressed air for remote or difficult-to-access locations where an air-line device is needed.

Airmatic Inc
284 Three Tun Road
United States


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