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All-Fill, Incorporated, located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Chester County), designs, manufactures, services and supports a complete line of machinery for filling, bagging and checkweighing equipment. Founded in 1969, All-Fill’s initial offering was an economical, highly reliable auger filler for powder filling and liquid filling that featured a simplified, “no nonsense” design that could accurately dispense product with a minimum of setup, maintenance or operator intervention. From its founding in Newtown Square, PA (1969), it has expanded, first to a 25,000 square foot facility in Malvern, PA (1977), then to its present 65,000 square foot facility in Exton, PA (1989).

All-Fill takes great pride in manufacturing from start to finish to ensure the customer that we have complete control over our internal processes. Proudly manufactured in the USA, All-Fill’s business model is firmly established between three distinct product line that can be sold individually or full integrated as a complete packaging solution.

All-Fill is nonexistent without the extraordinary group of employees that have called All-Fill home for many years. Family owned and operated since 1969, a vast majority of All-Fill employees were originally hired as family members, friends, past coworkers or based upon referrals from existing employees. The work environment at All-Fill is truly unique. Please feel free to reach out to any individual listed below as they are sure to make your experience with All-Fill a positive one.

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