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Anutec provide the equipment, knowledge and skills required for the successful planning and implementation of tailor-made solutions for size reduction, milling, sifting and mixing in the field of Powder Processing.

The majority of Anutec’s customers supply the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries and range from independent companies to OEM’s and engineering consultants from all over the world. This loyal customer base provides the backbone for Anutec’s business.

Product Range Anutec

Anutec’s range of size reduction machines (crushers), mills, sifts and mixers are manufactured at very high quality, being both solid and reliable as this machinery often resides at the heart of other production equipment. Standard machines are made to order and custom-built machines can be offered according to the customers needs. All machines apply to ATEX-94/9/EG regulations.

A well equipped test room is available for use with customer products, or trials can even be undertaken on the customer’s site if necessary.

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