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ATA Scientific specialises in sales, support and service for a range of specialised analytical instruments in the areas of Particles, Materials, Biomolecular and SEM & Imaging.

Some of our innovative instruments include:

  • Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyser delivers precise, robust wet and dry particle size distribution analysis with a dynamic range spanning 0.01 to 3500µm. The software guides users through every stage of a measurement, from method development to result reporting, reducing training requirements and making particle size measurement fast and routine.
  • Avestin Emulsiflex C5 is a lab scale, air driven, high pressure homogeniser that rapidly reduces particles and droplets from micron to nanometer sizes.
  • Malvern Insitec systems provide continuous particle size analysis in the size range 0.1 to 2500 µm for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. Suitable for a wide variety of process streams such as dry powders, slurries, sprays and emulsions. Material quantities can range from milligrams to tonnes per hour. Sampling from the process stream ranges from manual at-line systems to fully automated on-line continuous monitoring.
  • Desktop Phenom Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for high resolution, superfast imaging with integrated X-ray analysis (EDS) for element identification.
  • Morphologi 4-ID combines automated static imaging for particle size, shape, count with Raman Spectroscopy to enable additional chemical identification analysis.
  • Kinexus is a high performance benchtop rotational rheometer designed for advanced applications that enables flow properties to be studied such as shear viscosity and viscoelasticity. Kinexus offers a variety of geometries to cover a wide range of applications from the characterisation of complex fluids to soft solids including dispersions, emulsions, polymer and surfactant solutions, pastes and gels.
  • JASCO Spectroscopy instruments (UV/Vis, FTIR, Fluorescence, Polarimeter, Raman, CD) range from basic QC/teaching models through to high performance research instruments. The entire range of spectroscopy instruments operate through a common software platform, Spectra Manager. This means they are all equally easy to use and many can be self-installed.

Note: Please note, information requests are only applicable to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

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